Art Teacher Training Program

By Glenview School of Arts

The Teacher Training Program at The Glenview School of Arts is designed to offer future art teachers a comprehensive understanding of K -12 art education.  We believe in the importance of traditional art education that emphasizes the need for the careful, detailed creation of artwork and naturalistic representation.  We work closely with students to prepare them for their careers as art teachers.  Classroom experience as instructors is part of the program. Students under our training will be instructed in the preparation of individual lesson plans:  Learning to Teach Art (K-12th grade) and Portfolio Development (9th-12th grade).  The Glenview School of Arts is now working with domestic and international candidates who are interested in becoming art teachers.  They will have access to professional networks of art educators and artists where English is the primary language. This will give practicing artists additional opportunities to develop their pedagogical skills by participating in the world of art education.