Glenview School of Arts offers art classes for children and young adults. Classes provide a fun and positive atmosphere for children to learn the basic principles of art and to build a strong foundation in art.  The young adult and high school programs focus on preparing the student's art portfolio for college and beyond. As the portfolio is essential for any artist, we encourage our students to develop the strongest and most varied portfolio possible. The portfolio showcases talent and individual growth.


DongJoo Kang opened the doors to the Art School in Glenview in 2001. Her first school was located at 600 Waukegan Road. After 7 years, she moved to her present location and changed the name to Glenview School of Arts. Now, the art school can accommodate many more students. The curriculum includes painting and drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and computer graphics. Our art programs are specialized for certain age groups: 6-8, 9-13, and high school students. This year we also added a Kinder-arts Program for ages 4 and 5.


DongJoo Kang / Director
DongJoo graduated from Ewha-Womans University in Korea in 1982. She obtained her Masters degree in Fine Art in 1985. Her works have been displayed in many galleries, including the Rochester Art Center, the Philadelphia Art Gallery and The Korean Community Art Center Gallery. In 2014, she had two solo exhibitions, at the  Redmacher Gallery in Chicago and the Kyung In Gallery in South Korea. Since she opened the Art School, DongJoo has been working with students in order to share her personal experiences of being a professional artist for almost 30 years. After working years as an artist, DongJoo wants to pass on her knowledge to students as they prepare for careers in the arts.