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Consumer Information

Disclosure Information

Glenview School of Arts is not an accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.


All schools are required to make available, at a minimum, the following disclosure information clearly and conspicuously on their 1) internet website, 2) school catalog, and, 3) as an addendum to their Enrollment Agreement:


• The number of students who were admitted in the programs as of July 1 of that reporting period: 3 students

• The number of additional students admitted in the programs during the next 12 months and classified in one of the following categories: new starts, re-enrollments, and transfers into the program from other programs at the school.

           New Starts: 3 students

           Re-Enrollment: 0 students

           Transfer: 0 students

• The total number of students admitted in the programs during the 12 months reporting period: 3 students

• The number of students enrolled in the programs during the 12-month reporting period who: transferred out of the program and into another program at the school, completed or graduated from a program, withdrew from the school, and are still enrolled.

           Completed: 1 student

           Transferred: 0 students

           Withdrawal: 0 students

           Still Enrolled: 2 students


• The number of students enrolled in the program who will be: placed in their field of study, placed in a related field, placed out of the field, not available for placement due to personal reasons, and not employed.

           Placed in their Field of Study: 1 student

           Placed in a related field: 1 student

           Placed out of the field: 0 students

           Not available for placement due to personal reasons: 0 students  

           Not employed: 2 students who are still enrolled in the program

• The number of students who will take a State licensing exam or professional certification exam, if any, during the reporting period, as well as the number who passed: 0 students

• The number of graduates who obtained employment in the field who did not use the school’s placement assistance during the reporting period: 0 students

• The average starting salary for all school graduates employed during the reporting period

           Part Time: $20,000.00



1. Do not sign this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces.

2. This agreement is a legally binding instrument and is only binding when the agreement is accepted, signed and dated by the authorized official of the school or the admissions officer at the school’s principal place of the business. Read all pages of this contract before signing.

3. You are entitled to an exact copy of the agreement and any disclosure pages you sign.

4. This agreement and the school catalog constitutes the entire agreement between the student and the school.

5. Any changes in this agreement must be made it writing and shall not be binding on the either the student or the school unless such changes have been approved in writing by the authorized official of the school and by the student or the student’s parent or guardian. All terms and conditions of the agreements are not subject to amendment or modification by oral agreement.

6. The school does not guarantee the transferability of credits to another school, college, or university. Credits or coursework are not likely to transfer; any decision on the comparability, appropriateness and applicability of credit and whether credit should be accepted is the decision of the receiving institution.


The student has the right to cancel the initial enrollment agreement until the first day of class. If the right to cancel is not given at the time the enrollment agreement is signed, then the student has the right to cancel the agreement at any time and receive a refund on all monies paid to date within 30 days of cancellation. Cancellation should be submitted to the Director in writing.


1. I hereby acknowledge receipt of the school’s catalog, which contains information describing programs offered, and equipment or supplies provided. The school catalog is included as part of this enrollment agreement and I acknowledge that I have received a copy of this catalog.       Student Initials___________

2. I have carefully read and received an exact copy of this enrollment agreement.   Student Initials___________

3. I understand that the school may terminate my enrollment if I fail to comply with attendance, academic, and financial requirements, or if I fail to abide by established standards of conduct, as outlined in the school catalog. While enrolled in the school, I understand that I must maintain satisfactory academic progress as described in the school catalog and that my financial obligation to the school must be paid in full before a certificate or credential may be awarded.     Student Initials___________

4. I hereby acknowledge that the school has made available to me all required disclosure information listed under the Consumer Information section of this Enrollment Agreement.     Student Initials___________

5. I understand that the school does not guarantee transferability of credit and that in most cases, credits or coursework are not likely to transfer to another institution. In cases where transferability is guaranteed

Glenview School of Arts must provide me copies of transfer agreements that name the exact institution(s) and agreement details and limitations.      Student Initials___________

6. I understand that the school does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon program completion.

                       Student Initials__________

7. I understand that complaints, which cannot be resolved by direct negotiation with the school in accordance to its written grievance policy, may be filed with the Illinois Board of Higher Education, 1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza. Suite 333. Springfield, IL 602701 or at       Student Initials__________

The student acknowledges receiving a copy of this completed agreement, the school catalog, and written confirmation of acceptance prior to signing this contract. The student by signing this contract acknowledges that he/she has read this contract, understands the terms and conditions, and agrees to the conditions outlined in this contract. It is further understood that this agreement supersedes all prior or contemporaneous verbal or written agreements and not be modified without the written agreement of the student and the School Official. The student and school will retain a copy of this agreement.


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